Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In the Beginning

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my first attempt at blogging! Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. I am an undergraduate student studying Nutrition and Food Science. Currently, I'm working on finishing up my bachelor's degree by the spring and will be starting medical school next fall. In the near yet distant future, I wish to pursue a career in international health care. But before I sell my soul to another four plus years of academics, I want to study something completely different and unfamiliar.

I have previously traveled twice to Belize, Central America to develop my thesis on Type II diabetes. In late October, I will be traveling with a dozen other students to the country of Mozambique, located in the southeastern region of Africa. The goal of our trip is to research the government and social systems of Mozambique, and to later document the national elections which will take place while our group is in the country. I am very excited, and honored, to have the opportunity to participate in such an awesome project. However, my knowledge of political science is anything but extensive...but I like a challenge.

Logically, my interest in Mozambique would lie in the country's health care infrastructure or public health concerns. While that is the case, and I would like to learn more about this topic, I'm also interested in the country's culture. Mozambique, like many other nations with colonial pasts, has been heavily influenced by its colonizer, Portugal. The extent and evidence of Portuguese influence on Mozambican culture and system of government is a topic I am interested in studying further throughout the semester.

That's it for now but you'll be hearing from me soon, I'm sure!

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